MarketLive Summit Instructor-Led Training



MarketLive held a yearly summit for customers and developers which included one full day of hands-on training for 50 people. I was responsible for all of the training logistics and management of the training including designing, developing and delivering course content.




PowerPoint, Photoshop, Snagit, MS Word, Canva, Adobe Acrobat, MarketLive proprietary tools


The purpose of the training was to provide customers with a hands-on experience using new MarketLive features and also to explore features that customers had questions about. Given that training was only one day, it was important to strike a balance between new features and customer requests and where possible, combine the two in the same lesson, if applicable.

Months before the training, I surveyed customers to assess their training needs and then ranked the results based on responses. I collaborated with product development teams to determine what new features were highest priority, defined learning objectives, decided what content could realistically be covered in the allotted time and where new feature content intersected with customer requested content. From there, I was able to draft an agenda.

I met with SMEs to develop course content that was aligned with training objectives. The course blended lecture, discussion/demonstration and hands-on activities with real-world scenarios (some of which were based on actual customer support tickets).


The structure of the training allowed learners to gain knowledge of new product features and develop familiarity through hands-on activities. As the training was also designed around most common customer pain points, learners were able to explore examples that were personal to them (as applicable) and learn tips and tricks for accomplishing their goals. Post-assessment involved personal interviews as well as feedback forms. Although it wasn’t possible to address the unique needs of every customer in this one-day training, the feedback was very positive and learners were able to identify specific actions that they could take as a result of what they learned.

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